Thursday, September 20, 2007

Some interesting reading

I read a piece in the Indian Express today that articulated rather well what I think of this Ram Setu mess. Some things I want to highlight:

"The relevance of myths is the stuff history is made of. Karen Armstrong, in one of her lesser-known works has spoken at length of the importance of myths through human history. Even Marxist historians like the legendary D.D. Kosambi in his book, Myth and Reality talk of collective memories of a people. Eric Hobsbawm goes as far as to talk of how the evolution of modern nation states wouldn’t have been possible but for collective myths that people held onto, which led to national identities being formed."


"The debate so far, has been focused on where the state must not tread. But in a multi-cultural society, with as many beliefs, it is also important to establish when the state must not shy away from playing the role of a neutral umpire. The secular Indian state has consciously allowed its citizens to keep their faith, practice and propagate it too, but not when it interferes with someone else’s freedom."

In other news, Times Select (by the New York Times) is now free. So we can all read what the likes of Paul Krugman and Roger Cohen have to say.

Also, Paul Krugman has just started blogging at the NYT website. Whether or not one agrees with him, he's always an interesting writer, because he is amazingly direct and coherent in his arguments. He is pretty persuasive as well, its only a little after I've finished reading what he's written that I can find points of departure for myself.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

La Eventful Vita... Except Not Really

So... I've been busy the last month or so, but I can't imagine why. No parties as such, or busy days at work. Everything is mostly normal, but I still don't have time to do things like read books I want to or watch *gasp* the telly or even too many movies. It may have something to do with the Italian class killing my evenings and the renewed obsession with Harry Potter fanfiction. Not that I read that till late at night or anything. Also there are FAR too many people leaving Delhi for saat samundar paar.

I watched Ratatouille however, and it was a delight. I love Pixar, and rejoice that it exists. And also, Brad Bird, can I marry you? Please? We'll have exceptional children, I promise.

Apple has refreshed its iPod line, making me want to part with money I don't have. Sigh. Some things never change.

The football is slow and the F1 is strange. I don't like the way the mainstream press has handled reporting the spy stuff. McLaren deserved what they got, and indeed should've been fined more, but Lewis Hamilton's success got in the way. And Alonso! The less said the better.... boy do I ever miss Michael Schumacher.