Thursday, February 11, 2010

Self Pimpage!

Because nothing is better than advertising oneself on one's own blog...which has 0 readers.

In the interests of posterity, however, here are my two rants against the pop culture phenomenons of our time: Twilight and Avatar. Both are yucky and horrible and offensive in different ways, and that's what I've said (in slightly more sophisticated fashion?) in my two pieces.

Here's the Twilight one:
If reading Twilight is a tortuous experience for most people with an ounce of intelligence, watching Edward the creepy, stalker-like centuries-old vampire our unlovable teenaged protagonist hungers after sparkle in the sun is even more nauseating.

And this is me hating on Avatar:
But take away the splendour of the 3-D technology employed to admittedly great effect here, the beautiful colours, and the flora and fauna that could've come straight out of a deep sea dive, the exhaustive and mostly scientifically-accurate world building, and you're left with a film that conforms to and indeed exploits every racist narrative trope that one expects from a movie with not too much interest in telling a story as in making it look pretty.

If anybody is reading this, please leave me a comment! They inspire warm fuzzy feelings.

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